I know it’s popular to start thinking about how you can improve your habits, when the New Year looms ahead, just after most of us have blown the budget on feasting and indulgence. Before you sign up for that Gym membership, here are five reasons why you should treat yourself to frequent orgasms instead of sweating and grunting in front of strangers….

This is a topic that excites the mainstream media pages from time to time. The science is in, whether it’s from the pages of WebMD, or Chatelaine, for example.  We found common ground in a vast number of articles on the topic.

Here are five of the benefits you can expect, IN ADDITION TO PLEASURE:

1.  Exercise

The effort of having orgasms counts as exercise – hell yeah! Lots of benefits in exercise as we’re constantly being told, especially this time of year. We say-an orgasm a day can’t hurt.

2.  Wellbeing and Better Sleep

At the moment of orgasm, your body releases a lot of oxytocin, the ultimate feel-good hormone –delivering better sleep and a greater sense of wellbeing.


3.  Boost Immunity and Improve Skin

Regular orgasm makes your skin glow – that ought to make anyone feel more confident, but the cool side-affect is how orgasm can boost your immunity at the same time.

4.  Pain Relief

Orgasm delivers pain relief –again it’s about the hormonal support chemicals, released at orgasm, that are responsible. Orgasm really is the single best way for women to have the level of relief described in many of the more science-oriented articles.

5.  Build Inner Strength and Resilience

My pick for why regular orgasm is the ultimate activity for women, is the one that doesn’t get much air-time. The reality for many women, as it is often described for men also – it can boost your feeling of inner strength and resilience.

Downunder Toys is very clearly founded on the principle of enabling as many women as possible to feel their own power – we marvel at the way our own body can give such a wonderful feeling of invincibility.

As we transition from old year to New Year,  I encourage every woman to give themselves the gift of ultimate satisfaction. We all have a lot to do in 2018, and what better way to help yourself?

While we appreciate that there are many fine sexual health accessories available to you in 2018, I cannot recommend highly enough, our very own AVA . We really have thought of your needs and desires, every step of the way to create the ultimate vibrator. It’s why we do what we do.

Happy New Year x


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