“First time buying a sex toy? We get it, in fact many of our first time customers have lots of questions. On our latest blog we explore the surprisingly most common questions asked…

” The Automatic Fucking Machine “Question”…

There are questions that come up again and again, and most commonly aren’t questions at all, but the “new” idea of making an “automatic fucking machine” which happens at quarterly intervals by different chaps. After many years of fielding those product ideas, I now understand that it probably comes from the can-do, mechanically minded, guys who can do handy things about the home, and the aforementioned machine is consistent with that skill set. The bad news? It’s been done.


Why I choose this line of work… Outrage.

As for questions, most often I am asked what got me into this line of work? To which I reply, “outrage” and it’s true. When I started the business of redefining sex toys as healthy, because we started making them with safe materials, for intimate contact, most products available as ‘novelties’ (that word is still used as a legal disclaimer, in the event that using a toxic toy gives you cancer) were made from the same kind of vinyl that is used to coat telecoms cables in the home- it often had the same colour and certainly, the same smell.


Which vibrator should I buy for my partner…

Following from that frequently asked question are the more heartfelt ones that happen when our customers call for advice on product selection. When the (mostly) male partner calls or emails to enquire after a product, that will rekindle her interest in sex, it really is important to understand that, aside from those chaps who have full confidence in the type of thing that delights their partner, many are in a state of concern for their relationships. It’s often a matter of the spark having dimmed and, while there’s undoubtedly love, sometimes the sexual intimacy can slip away. The hard truth is that, many men seem to feel that they have just one chance to get that spark back via sex toys, and its’ therefore vital to get it right. Asking me which product will bring the spark back into a relationship is a big deal and I treat those questions with the respect they deserve.


What product can I recommend?

The real answer is, it depends. It depends on whether you know what she likes…the safe ground can be to introduce a wearable silicone ring, because men can slip it on without having to turn the lights up to figure out how it works. The thing that will bring you together, however, is something you discover through communication. You can either ask her, or give her something to use solo, and then ask how she enjoyed it and use that conversation to start something. We have designed AVA to bring you together – with the swappable silicone profile design, we will be adding a profile for men to use, in the next six months – this gives guys a chance to get AVA for her, but not only for her, it’s for both of you.
JD Ryan, Founder
Downunder Toys

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