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AVA is unique; her handle and profile can separate, for customisation and super easy cleaning. Swap out profiles of different designs and functions, all powered by the one lightweight, ergonomic, environmentally sound motor.


Our mission is to empower women to choose when and how they get their orgasm.

when you choose.

As women, we understand that context plays a big role in being satisfied. Enjoy on your terms.

what makes AVA special.

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nessbow product review

I see A Lot of vibrators in my line of work.  It’s pretty rare that a single product catches my attention and makes me think “Well, isn’t that something?”  That’s exactly what happened with the Ava by Downunder.  My fervent need to try Ava was mostly fuelled by the fact that from the second I saw it, I knew Ava would solve so many problems that I commonly see with other vibrators.

Ava is the product of extensive research into female anatomy and pleasure.  Downunder have done the grunt work to build a toy that delivers on pleasure and functionality.  Every aspect of the design has been carefully researched and thought out, and it shows. Read full review

take me
to bed.

Or bath, car, camping, sailing, or well, wherever you find the me-time to enjoy.
Ava will always be on your terms.

here are AVA’s vital statistics.

Diameter and measurements for:
Rounded tip – .8” (2.1cm)
Flexi neck – .5” (1.25cm)
When bending AVA for full contact the length measurement is 5.5” (14cm)


Getting started – after applying lube-to yourself, then use the rounded tip to find your favourite spot and to check the vibe settings that will work for you.

When you are progressing, you can use the rounded tip as an insertion point then flex the shaft back towards your body, to connect the full length of AVA to your body – it’s a bit like “surround sound” for your tender parts.
AVA is ideal as an insertable
AVA is also terrific as an outie stimulator – it’s about you and what you feel like, at the time.